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Decide Boy

Scott-it Dramas: Decide boy

The decide boy project is a community based anti- gang initiative




A passionate drama for KS2, highlighting the thoughts, dilemmas and consequences teenagers face while engaging with negative groups.


Decide boy is a short musical about two rival groups of teenagers who decide to have the ultimate showdown. Within each group there is a member who is uncertain about his decisions because they have great aspirations for their future. By chance these two rivals have a conversation, sharing their dreams.  They hatch a plan that  frustrates the showdown. Eventually their plan is thwarted and they are forced to make a decision.  Another teenager has to do the same but for completely different reasons.


 A musical written by Margaret Scott

Friday 28th December 7pm and Saturday 29th December 5pm


£3.00per person

£10.00 for a group of 5

Enquiries to:  020 7 737 0963/07904 214 795




Margaret Scott is Poet, playwright and songwriter. She writes in a captivating and witty fashion that transcends generations.

In recent years Margaret has been known for her various musicals performed by the youth group she currently works with.

Margaret has been working with children and young people in various roles for over 20 years. Inspiration for her latest play Decide Boy came while working as Learning Support Assistant at a inner city school  in an area known for gang violence.

SCOTT-IT DRAMAS are a community based drama group based in Brixton. We have been creating and performing educational, thought- provoking plays since 2007. 

Most of our productions have been performed locally.  In recent years we have branched out, performing at national youth events outside of London. 

Presently our aim is to create and perform though provoking educational theatre for KS2 children addressing significant and current issues.

My name is John Fisher, director of We Sing U Sing LTD, a music and arts organisation, specialising in delivering music and singing courses in schools and academies.  We produce concerts and productions for children from primary school age to teenage.

It has been a pleasure to work for and along Margaret and Scott-It Dramas  for the past 5 years.

Margaret is a skilled play write and producer and has never failed to deliver great productions.

Margaret is able to captivate audiences with the quality of her writing, and the delivery of dramatic pieces by young actors under her direction.

It’s always been amazing that with little or no budget she is able to do what she does.

I look forward to our future work collaborations.

Margaret’s plays are outstanding!


They engage the audience with funny, enjoyable and captivating storylines that people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to”

Sharon Foster – Secondary School Teacher and Tutor

Margaret Scott as once again delivered a brilliant and thought provoking masterpiece.


Having looked at the script for Decide Boy I can say it's a must see! I

t's to the point and can be appreciated by all age groups.


This play addresses the issues youngsters face in gang culture and highlights the choices they have to refuse a gang lifestyle.

Kameika Maxwell-Simpson
Criminal Justice Practitioner

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