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Bake Off

Bake Off is for all you amazing cake bakers and decorators.  The idea is that you will produce one or more of your very finest cakes.  All cakes must have a taster.  Cakes will be displayed by our creative arts team for a period of time.  They will be judged on taste and presentation and a winner declared.  Each cake will then be sold for a set fee and the winner's cake auctioned to the highest bidder after a reserve fee has been set.  All cakes will be photographed and names and contacts of all entries (where required) will be marketed on the website and in literature so future orders can be secured.

Person Leading:

Beverley Lathbridge - Henry 

Contact: Through church office 0207  737 0963

Dates: 1st December to 16th December 2018

To register your interest please click

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